Tuesday, June 10, 2008

nail guns and personal salvation

Today as I pulled up to the site, prepared for a good day of setting up some forms and pouring a grade beam, I was instantly disappointed to see a coworker with a bucket removing water from where we were to be working. It was the start of a bruce-hole of a day.

My day involved mud, a nail gun that doesn't work, the inability to hit a nail in straight, and many other frustrations.

As I reflect on the parable of the sower (which I need to finish a paper for) I think that I am not a seed on rock. My bruce-hole of a day and the temptation to leave all I know for the sake of a cursed nail gun ended with me still being a Christian. I guess I am still a disciple. Thank God it is over for today.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My new ride

In an effort to live a simpler life, to leave less of a footprint, and to promote an alternative reality to the oil soaked North American reality I am trying to ride my bicycle as much as possible. I still need my car for work but weekends and evenings are bike time.

I have my bike all ready to go. New tires (tyres?), a helmet (I figure if I have paid this much for education I should probably protect my brain), a tire pump (no use in have new tires if they don't have air in them), and a lock (keep your hands off my smurf blue Sekine). I have also decided that my bike shall be called Papa Smurf. It is old and blue, and possibly a bit too small.

Part of my post Haiti thoughts have been about the pace of life we live and our feelings that a car is practically a human right. Don't get me wrong I love ambulances and fire trucks and the fact that little kids can be driven around on cold winter days. Haiti reminded me that it is very possible for people to exist with out cars. I'm not romanticizing Haiti, I'm not saying it is a utopia but I think there is a simplicity that is closer to the heart of the gospel than what we have.

I heard on the radio that the US consumes 1.2 Billion litres of gas (most likely gas, diesel, and all their weird ass cousins) a day. Mind you that most likely includes military, navy, and all those things but seriously? We should probably be a bit less consumptive. The hilarious thing is that few people will change their petrol spending despite stupid high prices. We are slaves to our cars.

Me, I have a new life partner in my Sekine. He loves me. I love him. And I probably look damn sexy riding it too.

Friday, June 6, 2008


A 6:30 am call to say its a rain day is a good thing. The only logical thing to do is stay awake listening to Bob Dylan and read some Brueggemann.


Thursday, June 5, 2008