Monday, February 18, 2008

What is your dream?

I have never heard this whole speech until today. Martin Luther King's words are such words of the kingdom of God. Words that long for and predict the kingdom of God. "Let freedom reign". How can someone not love these words.

The interesting thing is that Martin Luther King is not saying we have to simply wait for this freedom. It is not something that will eventually come on its own. Freedom is something we need to let happen. Actively and passively we stand in its way.

I cannot help but think of Winnipeg when I hear this. I cannot help but think of the racial inequality that still exists in this world, that exists in my beloved Winnipeg.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Whats the deal with yuppies and belts. I wish I had a gut (or a tummy perhaps) so that I could properly rebel against these former dudes who stand outside Starbucks on Broadway. Coffee in hand, slacks firmly held in place, hair clean and groomed, and pants that somehow don't have wrinkles.

I don't get these people. Don't they remember the freedom of dirty, shaggy hair and sweat pants? Can they really be happy?

I'm assuming they go home and cry a little at the fact they have sold out to the man. Oh, those former dudes who have lost all sense of freedom. Perhaps one day they will again pump the Mega Deth and relax in some pants that have a draw string.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Wisdom from Saint Norbert of Langside

A wise prophet once wrote...

"As my hair gets longer and longer, I realize that people with short hair have it rough...
I mean, who doesn't love the feeling of running their fingers through beautiful locks of perfect harmony? Who enjoys dancing more I ask you, the short haired brute, or the long haired free-thinking creatively passionate psychedelic folk hero/legend? -which is obviously me by the way...

Who can side with the ridiculous militantly short haired bike rider. Look at you, your so organized, so put together, what a joke! I wonder if people with short hair think that they somehow have it better. What idiots. Have they ever felt the wind in their hair from the seat of a classy bicycle? Clearly they just want to please their mothers and fathers, maybe it's a Freudian thing.... I say to all those lame asses out there GROW IT OUT.
I'm sure someday I will cut my un washed, perfectly clean, amazingly sexy mat of good natured hair. That time will come, but I, unlike you short haired lifers, will have earned the choice. You will only ever be a machine, a cog in the mighty wheel of society! You capitalists! -just thought I'd throw that in there for good measure..."

So wise.