Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I've been thinking of the Congo lately. Not romantic, sexy thoughts. Thoughts about people I met. People who live in a country where there is no stability in its structure. We talk about our nations economic troubles but what do we know?

How the desire of humans for wealth has absolutely ruined countries and lives.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

what'cha gonna do with that lump?

I got a co-workers hammer to the side of the head today. I have one heck of a lump as a result. All in all it was a hilarious experience and I have learned that I am basically invincible to hammers.

So to answer my own question... I believe I will draw a face on my lump and name it Oprah.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remembrance Day

Today is Remembrance Day. Remembering is good I figure. We cannot simply walk blindly into the future if we want to change but we also can't live a life marked by bitterness, where we point the finger at the 'others' who were the cause of all the death and suffering we remember today. Our act of remembering must be an act that is rooted in our desire to move from violence and chaos to this place which God is drawing us to. A place of order. A place of peace.

I think that for the church Remembrance Day should be more than simply remembering the ills of the world. Remembering the 'sins of war driven heathens'. No. For us, the church, we must remember a time when a part of us became entangled with nationalism. A time where nation came before gospel. An act that resulted in many Christians supporting genocide rather than serving those who were being persecuted.

This danger of nationalism mingling with the church is probably something we need to remember. In a time when our economy is in threat. A time when 'terrorism' is a threat. How do we act? Are we orientated in such a way that when push comes to shove we act as members of the state or members of the church? We as the church must act as people of faith, marked by Kingdom things such as love and forgiveness. The humanity which is practiced and seen within the church is to be different than that of the world. We as the church are explicitly called to something much higher than simply trying to eke out a living in this world. We are called to be people who love God and others.