Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So late

I need to get up in like 5.5 hours for work. Someone has to expand suburbia I suppose. And then after work I need to write a paper, my second last paper of my Providence career.

Staying up 'late' to watch Samuel L. Jackson is always worth it though, especially if there are snakes on a plane or a slightly crazy blues man in the film.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Those crazy Brits

I says pardon?


I'm all graduated now. I figure I am now in the same league as these "Masters of the Universe" that He Man hangs out with.

All I can say about graduation is that I am very thankful they no longer have the college and seminaries graduations together. One hour in a hot stuffy room is a lot shorter than three hours in a hot stuffy room.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wisdom of the dude

Life is like bowling.

Strikes and gutters.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Theory

I have a theory. It is about places that have rules that say things like, "No hats" or "No athletic wear" or "No white sneakers." I have been in two places with these ridiculous rules in the last month and as a result of the fact that everyone in these places were white and clearly not poor I have come up with the following theory.

A rich white man buys a pool hall and then gives it a makeover. This rich white guy opens his pool hall giving it some name like, oh lets say, Luxalune. Now this rich white guy makes up a rule that says you are not allowed to wear hats. He understands that people as far as he understands them do not want to be around people who are not rich white people, like himself. So he puts in to place this rule to discourage people, such as large categories of people who listen to rap music and choose a certain style of dress, from entering his establishment. You see, this rich white guy realizes that other rich white people have money and will shell out cash to play pool and drink in a safe white rich white guy shelter. A shelter that is safe from 'gangsters' and 'poor people' and 'people who are not white'

So this is my theory. People control who enters their establishment by enforcing rules. I love that Jesus did not have rules about who could associate with him. Jesus was nothing like rich white business men. You may say I am jumping to conclusions but I don't buy that.

I cannot stand this sense of elitism. I would rather hang out with a someone who lives in a little dirty room at some sort of boarding home than hangout in the presence of people who think they are better than others.

Places like Luxalune are not a picture of the Kingdom of God, places like Siloam mission where people serve others and talk about wrestling with people they have just met are pictures of the Kingdom.

So Mr. Rich White Guy who owns Luxalune, I will keep my six dollars and you keep your beer. I will keep my clean conscious and you keep your predictable clientele.